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Rehabilitation Therapy at Immaculate Mary Home

We provide a comprehensive rehabilitation program which includes physical, occupational and speech therapy services. Rehabilitation therapy is very individualized, with the goal of assisting you to achieve and to maintain your highest level of functioning.

The therapy team can help you recover from many conditions such as strokes or hip fractures. They also assist anyone who may simply need to regain their strength after a lengthy illness. Our rehab therapy staff works closely with all other departments to ensure continuity in care and follow-through, especially in developing a plan for any resident working toward returning home. Family members are welcome to attend therapy sessions.

Physical Therapy (PT)

Physical therapists focus on improving muscle strength, coordination, pain management, and learning to compensate for any physical restrictions cause by illness or injury.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational therapists focus on adapting to and overcoming physical limitations that may be preventing one from managing their daily life activities as independently as possible (e.g., dressing, eating).

Speech Therapy (ST)

Speech therapists focus on restoring loss in one’s ability to communicate caused by illness or injury. In addition, speech therapists work with those experiencing difficulty swallowing or eating.